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Hi, and thanks for tuning in. Here are a few of my mixes for your listening pleasure.

You can stream the mixes by clicking on the titles below, or...

You can download the mixes by using the following link, then clicking the "download" button:



LIVE AT THE GEORGIA DECOMPRESSION: This is a live set from the Georgia Decompression, an after-Burning Man street party. It's got sort of a twisted carnival theme to the music, moving smoothly between organic and tech, wherein we explore eastern european tech house and neo burlesque. Sometimes serious, sometimes silly. It is the soundtrack to a freaky little night of circusy mischief.

SNAKEBITE CHARLIE'S RECYCLED FUNK EMPORIUM: This set is all about the FUNK. It is a live set from a New Years Eve party held at a certain Atlanta warehouse of some renown. Here we explore rubbery electrofunk and big fat funky house vibes on a hot bouncing journey of beats, brass, and bass.

HOW A FIRE CIRCUS IS BETTER THAN A CIRCUS FIRE: so... how IS a fire circus better than a circus fire? well, for starters, the music is usually better... sure, there may be fewer flaming giraffes, but sometimes that's a good thing. this mix contains some of my favorite tracks from the various fire circus events that i have been privileged to play this past year. it is a soundtrack to a surreal evening of bizarre sights and sounds, wherein we explore the rhythms of balkan house, electroswing, and technobelly. lots of horns in this one. the last song is a remix that i made of an old dead can dance number.