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Scot-O-Matic is the resident DJ for Circus Combustus, a collaboration of fire dancers, aerialists, performance artists, inventors, builders, creative geniuses, pirates, and pyros based in Atlanta GA. The Circus performs at various arts festivals throughout the year... everywhere from our own city, to the mountain festivals of the Southeast, to the deserts of Nevada for Burning Man.

Scot-O is also a resident DJ at Ecstatic Dance Atlanta, where he enjoys playing luscious world fusion grooves to beautiful and playful dancers in this conscious dance environment.

He also likes to play at house parties, art shows, festivals, theme camps, and other conscious dance events. His mission is to help spread Love, Light, and Joy through music and dance.

Scot-O-Matic likes to move the dance floor with a delightfully eclectic melange of beats and sounds. Funky house, tech house, tribal house, acid jazz, electroswing, technobelly, world fusion, electrofunk, mashups, funky breaks, rock, circus sideshow music, animal noises... all of these have found their way into his sets. It all depends on the crowd and the vibe.

"Good DJs know how to play to the audience. They feel them out, notice what they respond to, and play into that. Seduce them. They respond to the dance floor as much as the dance floor responds to the music. It's not about pushing your music at anyone. Its about forming a mutually beneficial collaboration, a communion, between dancers and DJs. That is where the magic happens.

"I usually try to keep it bright, positive, and uplifting. Music is a blessing, and the time we spend dancing in this life is precious.... it's so good for the soul. I like to see people smiling while they dance. I also like to make my sets a little unpredictable, to keep peoples' minds engaged as well as their bodies. Occasionally, I can even get everyone to laugh, or cheer, or go "aaaahhhh" simultaneously... I love that!"

Scot-O-Matic has been evolving and playing at festivals, parties, conscious dance events and arts festivals in Atlanta, the Southeast, and around the country, and is enjoying the ride immensely. Thanks for tuning in. See you out there.